How To Choose The Correct Lawn Type For Your Landscaped Garden

One of the critical discussions that will take place between a Perth-based landscaping company and each of its clients relates to whether a lawn will be part of the landscape design. If it is a landscaped garden with a lawn, several points need to be addressed before the type of lawn is chosen and ultimately planted or installed.

For many of Perth’s residents planning a new garden, the local conditions have to be considered. By using the word ‘conditions’, we specifically refer to the climate and the soil. These are so important to consider because certain grasses will thrive in the hot, dry conditions that Perth’s gardens experience for most of the year, whereas others will not.

By this stage, you might realise that choosing a new lawn for your landscaped garden needs a lot more thought than you may have previously assumed. However, not only will your landscaping company be able to help you, but we have also outlined below some of the core considerations that will assist you in choosing your new lawn and anything else necessary to help maintain your new lawn, including reticulation in Perth.

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The Pros And Cons Of Renting A Storage Unit For Homeowners

One of the services which many homeowners and even some renters use is a storage space for rent facility whereby they will pay to rent secure storage in the form of a locker, secure room, or container. The reasons they might do so, and what items they will store there are plentiful.

If you have never used a storage facility at Brilliance Storage before, but are considering it, then you might be weighing up whether or not it is of any benefit to you versus what it will cost. You might also be wondering what the advantages and disadvantages are of renting storage units. Well, you have landed on the right webpage because if you continue reading you will learn all about the pros and cons of renting secure storage space.

The Pros Of Renting Storage Units

Pro #1 – A Chance To Declutter Your Home: Renting a storage unit enables you to safely and securely store rarely used items you have at home, freeing up valuable space. This decluttering process results in your home being more organised and spacious thus enhancing the living environment for you and your family. This also provides an opportunity to get rid of items that you no longer need by selling them, donating them to charity, or taking them to the tip.

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10 Top Proven Carpet Cleaning Tips And Tricks

10 Top Proven Carpet Cleaning Tips And Tricks

There are few items that you will find in a home or office whose cleaning needs as much care as carpets, and that is why carpet cleaning is often best left to professional carpet cleaners. There are countless stories of people using a cleaning solution, or recipe suggested to them by someone they know only to find that rather than clean their carpets, it has instead ruined them, often to the extent of needing to be replaced.

We are sure you would not be as remiss in using any old substance to try and clean your carpets and would instead follow sound advice such as is often offered by carpet cleaning professionals. As such, it just so happens that what follows are ten top carpet cleaning tips from professional carpet cleaners which we hope you will follow in your quest for cleaner carpets.

Carpet Cleaning Top Tip #1 –  Prevention Is Better Than Cleaning: As with many things, preventing something undesirable from happening is better than fixing it afterwards. For carpets, examples of this include insisting everyone removes shoes as they enter your home or banning food from being eaten in carpeted rooms.

Carpet Cleaning Top Tip #2 –  Vacuum Carpets Regularly: For both cleaner carpets and to prolong their lifespan, it is essential that you vacuum them regularly, and certainly no less than once a week. This will remove many of the tiny abrasive particles, such as dirt and grit, which accelerate carpet fibre wear.

Carpet Cleaning Top Tip #3 – Deal With Stains Without Delay: Of all the carpet cleaning tasks you might undertake, this one is urgent. Any spills or stains which occur need to be addressed immediately by soaking them up instantly and promptly treating them with a suitable carpet stain remover if necessary.

Carpet Cleaning Top Tip #4 – Plan Your Carpet Cleaning Route: You will find any carpet cleaning you do takes less time, is less stressful, and more effective if you pre-plan. This especially applies to your route, which should usually start with the furthest point and then work inwards.

Carpet Cleaning Top Tip #5 – Only Use Recommended Carpet Cleaner Solutions: Whilst much of the advice from family and friends about cleaning your carpets is well-meant, it is often erroneous. Do not risk using any carpet cleaner substance or solution unless you are sure it is suitable, or you could ruin your carpets.

Carpet Cleaning Top Tip #6 – Test Small Areas First: Even if you use a branded and recommended carpet cleaner, before going all-in, always test it on a small area of carpet first. This has saved many a carpet from needing replacing, so please follow this crucial advice.

Carpet Cleaning Top Tip #7 – Clean In Overlapping Parallel Lines: You should clean your carpet logically rather than haphazardly. This means moving carpet cleaning equipment in straight, overlapping lines as this ensures the entire carpet is cleaned and done so evenly to avoid colour or shade differences.

Carpet Cleaning Top Tip #8 – Do Not Oversoak Your Carpets: One of the biggest errors made is oversoaking carpets when cleaning them. More water and moisture than necessary will not make your carpet any cleaner, and it means it will take much longer to dry.

Carpet Cleaning Top Tip #9 – Open Windows And Doors To Speed Up Drying: An excellent tip for drying carpets quicker, and ensuring the room can be used again sooner, is to open any doors or windows the room has. Just be wary if it is very windy outside, as this may cause some unwanted debris to blow in, such as dust.

Carpet Cleaning Top Tip #10 – Call In Professional Carpet Cleaners: If, despite all the top carpet cleaning tips you have just read, you are still put off having to clean carpets yourself, then the obvious, and in most cases, wisest move, is to hire a local carpet cleaning company to do it all for you.

10 Awesome Fence Ideas To Enhance Your Landscaped Garden

10 Awesome Fence Ideas To Enhance Your Landscaped Garden

One of the most common features you find included in Landscaping Perth is fencing. Fencing has many purposes which include the obvious one of delineating the boundaries of the landscaped garden and the property as a whole. In addition, many fences can provide privacy due to how they are constructed, and there is also the desirable aesthetic value that some fences can bring to a landscape design.

Until you come to the point where you want a landscaped design for your garden, fences might not have registered in your thoughts too often, and more to the point, you might not have realised how many different ways fencing can be used or enhanced in a garden, nor that there are numerous fence designs. It is for those reasons that we thought it would be helpful if we outlined ten amazing ideas for the use of fences in a landscaped garden.

#1 – Geometric Fencing: Rather than using the same old horizontal or vertical slats, you can add a greater degree of originality to your fencing by having slats in geometric shapes. Triangular, square, or hexagonal shapes with fence wire in the gaps, tick all the boxes for aesthetics, originality,  and delineation.

#2 – Mix Bricks And Fencing: Any homeowner who wishes to make their fencing the most robust and permanent as they can, should consider having fencing with a brick base and brick posts, with metal or wooden fence slats between each post. The use of stone cladding has become more popular for modern home designs, investing in good quality stone cladding from somewhere such as is crucial for the look and longevity of the fencing.

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7 Ways Landscapers Can Make Small Yards Look Amazing

7 Ways Landscapers Can Make Small Yards Look Amazing

One of the biggest myths about landscaping is that Sydney landscapers can only create landscape designs for extensive gardens and expansive open areas of land. The truth is that landscape designs can be created for gardens of all sizes, including small yards. Admittedly, there may be restrictions on the number and sizes of features that can be included, but there is certainly no limit on the transformation and beauty of a landscaped small garden or yard.

If your garden is small or you have a small yard that you would like to improve the appearance of, there are many ways a landscape design can achieve that aim. To help you think of ideas as to how you could transform your small garden or yard, here are some ways that a landscaper might advise you regarding the best ways to make a small yard look amazing.

Start With An Overall Concept In Mind: One of the key ways to ensure the landscape design for your small yard or garden is effective is to base it upon a core concept. That concept should correlate with what you want the area to look like and how you want it to make you feel when you are sitting in it.

Include A Focal Point: A highly effective way of helping your small yard look attractive is to include a focal point within its design. It obviously cannot be anything too large, so ideas include a small sculpture, a water feature, a rockery, or simply your favourite plant. This focal point will distract from the small size of the garden.

Create A Transition Zone: We are still on the subject of zones, but this is a critical zone. Your transition zone is the area that links the door of your home to your garden. It can be designed in many ways, and these include a gravel path, composite decking, stone pathway, wooden arches, side fencing or wall, and a path with small flowers planted along each side.

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How to Know It’s Time to Update Your Bathroom

How to Know It’s Time to Update Your Bathroom

A bathroom is one of the most essential rooms in your house. Therefore, when it comes time to make changes around your home, a bathroom renovation is often near the top. But how are you supposed to know when the right time is to get that renovation underway? Some of these signs below may hit quite close to home.

You Need More Space
As families grow, so does the need for more space. All of a sudden, you’ve got a household of people needing to brush their teeth and shower at the same time. If your floor plan allows expansion, consider this simultaneously as you undertake cosmetic renovations.

You may like to create a separate room for the toilet, add two sinks, or even include a shower and a bath. By expanding at the same time as renovating, you may be able to reduce how much the entire project costs.

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How to Ensure Fragile Items Remain Intact During Your House Move

How to Ensure Fragile Items Remain Intact During Your House Move

It is a sad fact that during some house moves items get broken, and this is especially true when the people moving try to do it all themselves rather than getting professional removalists to help them. More tragically is that the items which get broken can often be those which have a huge sentimental value, or a large monetary value.

Whilst not much can replace the sentimental value of a broken item, at least if a valuable item is broken by removalists they will have insurance that can reimburse the client for the value of the broken item.

In fact, this scenario is very rare as professional removalists have huge experience in how to pack delicate and fragile items so that even in the unlikely event that they drop a box, the items inside will be properly wrapped and sufficiently protected to prevent damage or breakages.

Whilst we are not able to turn you into an expert removalist, like Interstate Removals, by you simply reading this, what we can do is give you some inside tips as to how you can protect your valuables and fragile items during a house move with a view to preventing any of them being broken or damaged, so here you go…


Most furniture is likely going to be too large to pack in boxes, which is why some people are surprised when we include it in an article about fragile items. The reason is that furniture is as likely to be damaged as a delicate piece of china, and therefore needs to be treated very carefully. You can use this time to discover what pieces of furniture need replacing or a good clean from places like couch cleaning perth.

Where you can, disassemble or dismantle items of furniture, such as removing the legs from tables. If you can, use bubble wrap or old blankets around items that could be scratch, although be careful using tape in case it sticks to the surface and removes the lacquered surface.

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Choosing the Best Commercial Cleaning Company for Your Business

Choosing the Best Commercial Cleaning Company for Your Business

It is true that just as you can tell a lot about a person just by looking at them, the same can be said of a business, and by looks, we mean their business premises. If they have had the good sense to use a commercial cleaning company then it is almost certain that throughout their premises you can see clean floors, smear-free windows, and an environment that tells you that this business takes cleanliness seriously.

Unfortunately, not all commercial cleaning companies will do as professional a job as the one we have just described, so it is important that when choosing one you take certain steps to ensure they can be trusted to do the job right.

If you just pick one at random, or worse, choose them simply because they are the cheapest, then do not be surprised that when you inspect their work, they have not delivered what they promised. Thankfully, they are in the minority, but to ensure you choose correctly, here are some ways you can ensure the commercial cleaning company you hire is the right one for your business.

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Why Invest in Annual Lawn Care Packages?


Many people think that once autumn and winter arrive, their lawn care requirements are finished. They can then sit back, relax, and wait for summer and spring growth. In reality, your lawns require year-round care.

From cutting and disease control through to nutrients and herbicides, there is often a lot more to it than you might think. Therefore, wouldn’t it be far less hassle if someone took care of it all for you? Here are a few of the many reasons why it might be time to invest in an annual lawn care package.

Your Lawns Need Fertiliser Throughout the Year

You might think your lawns and shrubs only need fertiliser when they aren’t looking at their best, but it’s a year-long commitment. The trick is to keep them in tip-top shape, which requires consistent fertiliser use.

A lawn care expert who provides an annual package will use different fertilisers for your lawns and gardens based on the time of the year. The season can make all the difference to the type of fertiliser that will work the best. Does that sound confusing? If you invest in an annual lawn care packaging, then you won’t have to worry about whether it makes sense to you or not!

You Can Keep on Top of Lawn Diseases and Pests

Any small gap or weakness in your lawn can open the door wide open for pests and diseases to thrive. If you do nothing about them, then it’s often not long until they take over.

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5 Common Landscaping Mistakes

Landscaping Mistakes

If you intend on doing your property’s landscaping yourself, instead of calling experts, then there are many things you need to learn – and fast. Landscapers are so good at their jobs because they have spent several years understanding the industry, plants, what works, and what doesn’t. If you picked up your knowledge from a home and garden magazine, you don’t tend to have the same experience. As a result, it’s common to make some mistakes.

Mistakes by landscapers are easy enough to fix, but they are even easier to not make in the first place. If you are about to get the landscaping process underway, make sure you don’t do the following.

  1. Fail to Plan

You will be aware of the adage: fail to plan, and you plan to fail. The same rule applies to landscaping. If you do everything on a whim or wing the entire process, you may end up with a whole host of problems that can take months or years to correct.

Before you put your garden gloves on and get to work, make sure you’ve considered:

  • Your available space
  • The climate
  • Wildlife and insect threats
  • Terrain
  • Watering requirements
  • The function of the area
  • Colours

Failure to consider these points may result in you needing to throw in extra funding to take care of associated problems.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Use A Professional To Install Your Glass Pool Fence

Glass Pool Fence

Advice out today from Complete Projects WA is that Swimming pool fences are a legal requirement under Australian law, which means that everyone with a pool that contains (or has the potential to contain) more than 30 cm of water needs one. However, pool fencing has the potential to disrupt your landscape design and the overall appeal of your yard, especially if it’s not done right.

Glass pool fencing is fast becoming one of the most popular pool fence styles in Australia. It offers a stylish, modern look which, when combined with its strength and low maintenance needs, makes it the perfect choice for many people.

DIY glass fences are becoming more and more popular, but this isn’t always the best way to go. Sure, you might save a little bit of money by installing your fence by yourself, but is it really worth it?

Below we will look at 3 compelling reasons why you should always employ a professional to install your glass pool fence:

  1. Professionals Know What They’re Doing

Building a new glass pool fence isn’t as easy as it might appear at first. Everything has to be done just right, otherwise it will look like it was built by an amateur – which will detract from your yard and make you wish you had just employed a pro to start with.

A professional glass pool fencing expert will know exactly what they’re doing. They will be able to put your fence up fast and securely by following industry-accepted techniques – techniques that you probably don’t even know exist.

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Bathroom Trends For 2018

Bathroom Trend

Having the best bathroom in the neighbourhood, or amongst your friends is a homeowner’s dream. While you might be able to do some of the work, you will require a licensed plumber to do all the new pipe work or fix those dripping taps. Bathrooms have become the ‘house spa‘ where an individual can relax in privacy as well as doing the normal bathroom activities there. You can still brush your teeth, take a shower, wash your hands, and go to the loo, but they are becoming a lot more to families these days. Running a steaming hot bath, be it a spa bath or just a plain one, you can relax and wash away the stresses of the day.

The Bath Path

It’s been due to the change in house design that has taken the bathroom on an evolutionary journey from a place for a wash, shower, and toilet, to something far more modern, innovative and useful. Look at homes built in the 50’s and 60’s and you can see that the lack of space was the main problem. You didn’t really have a lot of time to spend in the bathroom, and the kitchen was for food preparation, not lounging about drinking coffee with family and friends. Most houses had just the one bathroom and spending more than a few minutes in there would raise the ire of other family members.

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Outdoor Lighting for Winter

Outdoor Lighting

Shorter days doesn’t necessarily mean less outdoor enjoyment

Many Australian states offer fabulous outdoor weather through March, April and May as winter approaches. There’s a very pleasant temperature, not a lot of bugs like mozzies, and an evening breeze which is cool and refreshing, but not cold. However, shorter days despite daylight saving, means homeowners don’t have the opportunity to enjoy their patios and gardens before it gets dark. If you want to reclaim those enjoyable hours, then ask your landscape designer to suggest, plan, and add professional lighting to the outdoor areas.

Subtle Use of Outdoor Lighting

Homes no longer operate those landing strip lights lining your driveway and paths. The outdoor lighting today is made to give subtle washes of light to spots such as paths and special plants rather than a blazing spotlight that you got from the old style of outdoor lights. There is a lot of science these days in the design of outdoor lighting and a landscape design expert knows where to buy them and where to best place them. Guests and owners can enjoy the outdoor space and the beauty of specific plants or architectural features which are usually lost in the dark by adding lights that provide depth perception to a previously unlit garden area. By adding light sources that overlap, you can see objects in greater depth and detail. The power of light, properly placed and designed, can transform a flat surface into one that has intricate shapes and features. A professional landscape designer can set up lights that will help you enjoy your yard at night. Coloured lights can be positioned as well to illuminate special features.

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Which Type of Automatic Pool Cleaner is Best

Pool Cleaner

If you are tired of constantly cleaning your pool, it may be time to invest in one of the automatic pool cleaners available. The trouble is, since there are several types you may not know which one is best.  In fact, all of them do a good job for the kind of cleaning they were designed to do, so to choose the best type for your pool, you first need to look at the type of debris that gets in it.

Large debris

If the pool is close to trees and shrubs that drop leaves, nuts or berries and twigs into the pool, or if grass seems to be a problem in the pool, choose a cleaner that is good for cleaning larger debris. These are called pressure cleaners. Some types connect straight to the pool pump, while others have a booster pump. The cleaner moves around the pool using the water pressure and it has its own bag to hold the debris, which saves you cleaning the pool filter so much.

This kind of cleaner is low maintenance and very durable, but it doesn’t scrub the walls of the pool.

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Best Shade Sail Shapes

Shade Sail

Shade Sails Perth offer many advantages with their shade sails for business, the main one being that they give customers a cool, shady place to relax in. That means they are still close to your business so there is more chance of getting a sale from them. However, unless you choose the right shape sail it is highly likely that it won’t provide the shade you expected, so the investment will be wasted.


We see many triangular shaped sails around these days, but do they offer the kind of shade that is needed? In many cases the answer is no. This is because of the way sails are cut out. When looking up at a sail, you may think the sides were cut straight, and it is the tension that makes them look curved. This is not correct. All sails are cut with curved sides, so many triangular sails lose a good portion of material from all three sides, leaving just a spot in the middle to throw shade. You’ll get next to no shade from a triangle.

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