10 Awesome Fence Ideas To Enhance Your Landscaped Garden

10 Awesome Fence Ideas To Enhance Your Landscaped Garden

One of the most common features you find included in Landscaping Perth is fencing. Fencing has many purposes which include the obvious one of delineating the boundaries of the landscaped garden and the property as a whole. In addition, many fences can provide privacy due to how they are constructed, and there is also the desirable aesthetic value that some fences can bring to a landscape design.

Until you come to the point where you want a landscaped design for your garden, fences might not have registered in your thoughts too often, and more to the point, you might not have realised how many different ways fencing can be used or enhanced in a garden, nor that there are numerous fence designs. It is for those reasons that we thought it would be helpful if we outlined ten amazing ideas for the use of fences in a landscaped garden.

#1 – Geometric Fencing: Rather than using the same old horizontal or vertical slats, you can add a greater degree of originality to your fencing by having slats in geometric shapes. Triangular, square, or hexagonal shapes with fence wire in the gaps, tick all the boxes for aesthetics, originality,  and delineation.

#2 – Mix Bricks And Fencing: Any homeowner who wishes to make their fencing the most robust and permanent as they can, should consider having fencing with a brick base and brick posts, with metal or wooden fence slats between each post. The use of stone cladding has become more popular for modern home designs, investing in good quality stone cladding from somewhere such as www.meteorstone.com.au is crucial for the look and longevity of the fencing.

#3 – Add A Decorative Screen: A great way to transform what would otherwise be an ordinary fence, is to add decorative panels to the front of them. Not only do these provide additional privacy, but they will be a talking point for anyone who sees them.

#4 – Attach A Trellis: Your fencing can make an excellent contribution to what grows in your garden by enabling you to attach trellises to it. Thereafter, you can use the trellises for climbing plants such as ivy, creeping fig, or wisteria, for example.

#5 – Add Lighting: What better way to augment how your fencing appears than to add lights to it? The most practical is string lighting which you can run along the top of your fencing so that it looks amazing every evening after the sun has gone down.

#6 – Have Fun With Colours: For those with an artistic mind, or who simply want to vary from the norm, a great way to make your fencing look unique is to have coloured fence panels. Simply paint alternate fence slats a different colour using as many colours as you wish.

#7 – Black At The Back: Black might not be the colour that jumps to mind when considering fencing, but it can be highly effective. In particular, black fencing is highly stylish and provides a modern look for those properties that are contemporary rather than rustic.

#8 – Horizontal Slats For Privacy: Most fences will give you some degree of privacy, but you can make the privacy provided by your fence to your personal preference by using horizontal slats and spacing the vertical gap between each of them as small as you wish.

#9 – Woven Fencing: For homeowners who wish their landscaped garden to be as rustic as possible, the use of woven fencing made from pliable branches is recommended. It can be used for boundaries and within the garden to segment sections of plant types, for example.

#10 – Sculptured Posts And Slats: Almost all fence posts and slats are standard shapes, but here you are going to be using posts and slats that have been sculptured. This means no two posts or slats will be identical and your fencing as a whole will be unique.