10 Top Proven Carpet Cleaning Tips And Tricks

10 Top Proven Carpet Cleaning Tips And Tricks

There are few items that you will find in a home or office whose cleaning needs as much care as carpets, and that is why carpet cleaning is often best left to professional carpet cleaners. There are countless stories of people using a cleaning solution, or recipe suggested to them by someone they know only to find that rather than clean their carpets, it has instead ruined them, often to the extent of needing to be replaced.

We are sure you would not be as remiss in using any old substance to try and clean your carpets and would instead follow sound advice such as is often offered by carpet cleaning professionals. As such, it just so happens that what follows are ten top carpet cleaning tips from professional carpet cleaners which we hope you will follow in your quest for cleaner carpets.

Carpet Cleaning Top Tip #1 –  Prevention Is Better Than Cleaning: As with many things, preventing something undesirable from happening is better than fixing it afterwards. For carpets, examples of this include insisting everyone removes shoes as they enter your home or banning food from being eaten in carpeted rooms.

Carpet Cleaning Top Tip #2 –  Vacuum Carpets Regularly: For both cleaner carpets and to prolong their lifespan, it is essential that you vacuum them regularly, and certainly no less than once a week. This will remove many of the tiny abrasive particles, such as dirt and grit, which accelerate carpet fibre wear.

Carpet Cleaning Top Tip #3 – Deal With Stains Without Delay: Of all the carpet cleaning tasks you might undertake, this one is urgent. Any spills or stains which occur need to be addressed immediately by soaking them up instantly and promptly treating them with a suitable carpet stain remover if necessary.

Carpet Cleaning Top Tip #4 – Plan Your Carpet Cleaning Route: You will find any carpet cleaning you do takes less time, is less stressful, and more effective if you pre-plan. This especially applies to your route, which should usually start with the furthest point and then work inwards.

Carpet Cleaning Top Tip #5 – Only Use Recommended Carpet Cleaner Solutions: Whilst much of the advice from family and friends about cleaning your carpets is well-meant, it is often erroneous. Do not risk using any carpet cleaner substance or solution unless you are sure it is suitable, or you could ruin your carpets.

Carpet Cleaning Top Tip #6 – Test Small Areas First: Even if you use a branded and recommended carpet cleaner, before going all-in, always test it on a small area of carpet first. This has saved many a carpet from needing replacing, so please follow this crucial advice.

Carpet Cleaning Top Tip #7 – Clean In Overlapping Parallel Lines: You should clean your carpet logically rather than haphazardly. This means moving carpet cleaning equipment in straight, overlapping lines as this ensures the entire carpet is cleaned and done so evenly to avoid colour or shade differences.

Carpet Cleaning Top Tip #8 – Do Not Oversoak Your Carpets: One of the biggest errors made is oversoaking carpets when cleaning them. More water and moisture than necessary will not make your carpet any cleaner, and it means it will take much longer to dry.

Carpet Cleaning Top Tip #9 – Open Windows And Doors To Speed Up Drying: An excellent tip for drying carpets quicker, and ensuring the room can be used again sooner, is to open any doors or windows the room has. Just be wary if it is very windy outside, as this may cause some unwanted debris to blow in, such as dust.

Carpet Cleaning Top Tip #10 – Call In Professional Carpet Cleaners: If, despite all the top carpet cleaning tips you have just read, you are still put off having to clean carpets yourself, then the obvious, and in most cases, wisest move, is to hire a local carpet cleaning company to do it all for you.