Why Choose Concrete Swimming Pools Over Fiberglass Pools?

Fiberglass Pools

Whatever the season, taking a dip in the swimming pool is never a bad idea. But what kind? Whether it’s a fibreglass or concrete swimming pool, many say that it’s really just a matter of preference. Many pool builders, however, argue that concrete pools are better than fibreglass overall. There are several reasons for this.

Boundless flexibility

If you want your pool installed by pool builders in the soonest possible time, then fibreglass pools, like fast food delivery, would be your best bet. Pre-built from the factory, a fibreglass pool can be easily and quickly installed by placing its shell in an excavated hole in your lawn and connecting it to plumbing.

But precisely because they are shipped intact from the manufacturer to your home, fibreglass pool shells can’t have too many customized structures, nor are they flexible enough to accommodate unique features like trees or rocks. It would be hard to install in limited space or with special landscapes in mind.

While installing concrete pools is more complex, there is boundless flexibility in terms of appearance and design. With all the construction work done onsite, concrete pool installation can take from a few weeks to a few months. However, it is the best choice to make the customised pool of your dreams.

You can mould a concrete pool in many more forms that can take advantage of the features and size of your lawn space. You can build unique structures like fountains, grottos, waterfalls, rocks, and other striking features into your pool while integrating it into the adjacent landscape.

Durability and cost

While both concrete and fibreglass swimming pools are virtually invulnerable to ordinary wear and tear, the latter are known to crack from various types of earth-shifting. This is especially true when you drain the fibreglass pool since its precast shell is simply installed over sand or concrete.

The materials used for building concrete pools as well as the reinforced construction methods employed to do this makes them more durable than fibreglass pools. Unlike the latter, which have a lifespan of around 25 years, concrete pools can endure for decades with regular cleaning, maintenance and resurfacing.

In spite of these limitations, installing fibreglass pools tend to be marginally more expensive than concrete pools on average. However, a concrete pool may cost more depending on the number of customized features you might want built into its structure, appearance, and design.

In the end, while both have their own strengths and downsides, its flexibility, durability, and relatively lower cost makes the concrete pool king. But regardless if you install concrete or fiberglass, it is important to get a professional pool contractor to make sure the complex undertaking of pool construction a success.