Why Invest in Annual Lawn Care Packages?


Many people think that once autumn and winter arrive, their lawn care requirements are finished. They can then sit back, relax, and wait for summer and spring growth. In reality, your lawns require year-round care.

From cutting and disease control through to nutrients and herbicides, there is often a lot more to it than you might think. Therefore, wouldn’t it be far less hassle if someone took care of it all for you? Here are a few of the many reasons why it might be time to invest in an annual lawn care package.

Your Lawns Need Fertiliser Throughout the Year

You might think your lawns and shrubs only need fertiliser when they aren’t looking at their best, but it’s a year-long commitment. The trick is to keep them in tip-top shape, which requires consistent fertiliser use.

A lawn care expert who provides an annual package will use different fertilisers for your lawns and gardens based on the time of the year. The season can make all the difference to the type of fertiliser that will work the best. Does that sound confusing? If you invest in an annual lawn care packaging, then you won’t have to worry about whether it makes sense to you or not!

You Can Keep on Top of Lawn Diseases and Pests

Any small gap or weakness in your lawn can open the door wide open for pests and diseases to thrive. If you do nothing about them, then it’s often not long until they take over.

By hiring someone in lawn care to maintain your lawns throughout the year, they can take a proactive approach to lawn diseases and stop them from becoming a problem in the first place.

Monitoring pH Levels

Your soil’s pH levels are not something you can measure once then forget about. They are something that can dictate how you carry out an entire year’s worth of lawn maintenance. The best pH level for soil and your lawn is 6.5, but some people’s gardens are much higher or lower.

If that’s the case, a lawn care expert who offers soil testing can use products such as lime, nitrogen, and phosphorus to correct the issue and encourage premium grass growth.

Help with Soil Aeration

Compaction is a common problem, particularly on lawns that typically experience high levels of traffic. Over time, compaction can impact your lawn’s growth potential, even stopping it from growing long and luscious. If you allow someone to take care of soil aeration throughout the year, you’ve solved the problem.

A lawn care expert can use special soil aeration tools to create small holes in your lawn. These holes allow air, nutrients, and water, to reach the roots of your grass and encourage healthy growth.

You might think that mowing your lawns a couple of times per month is all it takes to remain on top of lawn care, but there is much, much more to it. If you invest in an annual lawn care package, there doesn’t have to be. You can leave all those finicky tasks in the capable hands of someone passionate about a healthy-looking lawn.