Creative Garden Pot Ideas for Ordinary Household Items

Garden Pot Ideas

Lacking garden space in your yard or the budget for expensive garden pots? Turn ordinary household items from your windowsill, tin cans, recycled tires, tubs, to old dresser drawers into designer garden pots. Here are some creative ideas that can help you beautify your outside living area on a budget:

  • Table drawers painted with pastel or bright colors can serve as an attractive vase for your flowers.
  • Lean your old shutters against the wall outside your home, repurposing them by filling the slots with moist plants like aloes and mosses.
  • A cardboard letter can be the best place to put small flowers like baby’s breath and forget me nots. Have its hollow side lined with a plastic bag and filled with soil and its base poked with holes to allow excess water to drain.
  • You can never go wrong with terrariums for your mosses, ferns, or violets. While they may look expensive, terrariums are really easy to create and maintain.
  • An old canvas hung on a wall or fence can also serve to contain plants like thin ferns or creeping vines in its pockets.

  • Use a birdbath perch to hold your cactuses and other succulents. Put pebbles to carry more moisture in the soil while bringing out an arid wilderness look.
  • Place at least 3 pots on top of one another to create a stacked garden that not only delights but also fills the same spot with more plants.
  • Attach a pallet to the wall to hold your garden pots using stainless steel cable and nails, thus both conserving space and offering an organic art exhibit.
  • With some paint, a few recycled tires stacked on top of each other can turn into impressive pots for your plants.
  • Use your old window boxes for succulents that don’t mature too fast and crowd out neighboring plants like other varieties. Just make sure to allow for drainage.
  • Transform your metal trays for handing out food and drinks into the new repository for your moss or aloe vera.
  • Your old buckets can also make for the best container of plants that need to be transferred to sunnier areas in an instant.
  • Turn your cheap steel tubs into garden pots for a wide variety of flowers and crops with drainage holes punched in their bottom.
  • A ladder can open up room in your yard by serving as a stand for various herbs, flowers, vegetables, and other plants.
  • Tight-spaced yards will benefit from gutters hung on your walls and filled with soil where you can plant your herbs on.
  • Old dressers straight from some garage sale can be filled with plants and flowers, standing in for the typical pot.