The After-Pool Affair

Pool Cleaners

Pools are great. Once you get the idea to have one, you move like greased lightning and get one installed. Then comes the maintenance. The chemicals, the water testing, the pump filter cleaning, pump maintenance, raking the leaves, and vacuuming the bottom. In the summertime, some of these are daily chores. Keeping the pool pristine clear and water pH right is an aspect of garden maintenance. Either you had turf to mow, fertilize and weed, or you replaced them with a pool.

Pool to Go

But once the family has grown up and flown the nest, and you are either too old to keep up the pool maintenance or you have other priorities, and nobody is using the pool anymore, it might be an idea to have it removed or have a pool renovation. Obviously, there are experts who will remove it for you and they will even pay you for the pool itself, if it’s fibreglass. Don’t forget the collateral damage on removal as well.

Pool Fill Area

The big question is: What are you going to do with this new area? The good news is that you have so many options it might drive you crazy. Assuming you had lawn around the pool, then fixing the lawn area might be step number one. There are different ways that you can enhance the area and add a bit of beauty and functionality to your garden.

Here are a few landscaping tips to replace the swimming pool area.

  1. An Island of Shrubs

Spread about 8cm of organic matter such as your garden compost or manure and mix it well into the soil. This will help make the soil rich and you can virtually plant anything, within reason. Your swimming pool was probably in a sunny spot, so it makes sense to select plants that love the hot sun. Add a couple of winding paths of stepping stones, maybe even a small park bench where you can sit and enjoy the winter sun on a cold day.

  1. Additional Turf

Your area preparation is very important, regardless of what you plant. However, with roll on lawn the area needs to be fertilised, cleared and rolled flat. If the you have had fill brought in to fill a swimming pool hole, then nuking the new soil with weed killer is a good start. Then water the area for a couple of weeks and let any of the survivor weeds show their heads before you remove them as well.

Types of Turf

If you go to your garden centre or your roll-on lawn supplier, they will want to know the area in which you live, because different suburbs have different types of soil. Even if you brought the soil in, it’s best if the lawn supplier is aware of the situation. Do you need Kikuyu or Buffalo grass? They will advise you and you also need to have an idea of what the area will look like once established.

Hardscaped Area

If you had an above ground pool, the ground underneath will be well compacted. If you brought soil in to fill a hole, then you might have to allow for a settling period. You can either pave with colourful and patterned pavers, then add character by positioning planters and pots in the area.

Your empty pool space can be easily filled with your imagination.