Outdoor Lighting for Winter

Outdoor Lighting

Shorter days doesn’t necessarily mean less outdoor enjoyment

Many Australian states offer fabulous outdoor weather through March, April and May as winter approaches. There’s a very pleasant temperature, not a lot of bugs like mozzies, and an evening breeze which is cool and refreshing, but not cold. However, shorter days despite daylight saving, means homeowners don’t have the opportunity to enjoy their patios and gardens before it gets dark. If you want to reclaim those enjoyable hours, then ask your landscape designer to suggest, plan, and add professional lighting to the outdoor areas.

Subtle Use of Outdoor Lighting

Homes no longer operate those landing strip lights lining your driveway and paths. The outdoor lighting today is made to give subtle washes of light to spots such as paths and special plants rather than a blazing spotlight that you got from the old style of outdoor lights. There is a lot of science these days in the design of outdoor lighting and a landscape design expert knows where to buy them and where to best place them. Guests and owners can enjoy the outdoor space and the beauty of specific plants or architectural features which are usually lost in the dark by adding lights that provide depth perception to a previously unlit garden area. By adding light sources that overlap, you can see objects in greater depth and detail. The power of light, properly placed and designed, can transform a flat surface into one that has intricate shapes and features. A professional landscape designer can set up lights that will help you enjoy your yard at night. Coloured lights can be positioned as well to illuminate special features.

Hanging Light Effect

Hanging outdoor lights will lift the style and light up some of your outdoor area. Some people like to string lines of hanging lights, like Chinese paper lanterns, but a more dramatic effect, and to make a statement, is by making pools of light focus onto favourite spots. This can be done with a pendant light or even an outdoor chandelier. Lighting like this seems to add height and space to your outdoor area. Hanging lights are a clever way to create luxurious spaces outdoors, adding a bit of class.

Light the Way

Enjoying your outdoor living areas and being involved in outdoor activities belonged to long summer days. The shorter days of autumn and winter meant much shorter visits to your patio or verandah. However, with professional outdoor lighting the shorter evenings can be part of your enjoyment again. As an added bonus, visitors coming to your home in the dark of the evening can safely see their way to your front door without falling or bumping into something when you have outdoor lighting cleverly placed to light the way.