Which Type of Automatic Pool Cleaner is Best

Pool Cleaner

If you are tired of constantly cleaning your pool, it may be time to invest in one of the automatic pool cleaners available. The trouble is, since there are several types you may not know which one is best.  In fact, all of them do a good job for the kind of cleaning they were designed to do, so to choose the best type for your pool, you first need to look at the type of debris that gets in it.

Large debris

If the pool is close to trees and shrubs that drop leaves, nuts or berries and twigs into the pool, or if grass seems to be a problem in the pool, choose a cleaner that is good for cleaning larger debris. These are called pressure cleaners. Some types connect straight to the pool pump, while others have a booster pump. The cleaner moves around the pool using the water pressure and it has its own bag to hold the debris, which saves you cleaning the pool filter so much.

This kind of cleaner is low maintenance and very durable, but it doesn’t scrub the walls of the pool.

Small debris

If your pool tend to get more small debris such as fine particulate that can make the water look cloudy, a suction pool cleaner would be the best type for you. It scrubs the floor and the walls and is great at sucking up all the tiny bits and pieces that you may not even be able to see. It leaves the water sparkling clean, which is why so many people like them.

Sadly, these are not good at picking up larger pieces of debris like leaves and grass, not to mention the odd insect. But they are affordable and do a good job on the small stuff.

What to use if you can’t decide

So what happens if the pool gets both large and small debris? There is an answer, though these cost more than the others. They are known as robotic pool cleaners, which have their own electric motors powered by a low voltage transformer. They have their own pump and filter and many types have a computer chip that enables them to clean more efficiently. They scrub both the walls and the floor and help to circulate the water around the pool. Some can be worked with a remote control. Apart from the price, the main disadvantage is that they have an electric cord that sometimes limits their movement. Another one is the bag and filter must be cleaned more often. However, if they are used before the water gets really dirty this is not such a problem.

Each type of cleaner comes in different sizes, so it’s easy to choose one for the size pool you have. It may also be important to consider the shape of the pool as some cleaners tend to get stuck in corners.